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Month: March 2016

3 Ways to Exercise with Your Baby

Bubbles Academy Fitness is an important part in everyone’s life, but especially for us busy moms. While it may not always be feasible to attend your favorite fitness class at the local gym, making…


Reasons Why I Won’t Babyproof my Home

When my husband and I had our son, we thought we knew everything there was to know about parenting and how to babyproof a home. We read all the books and had all the…


Introducing Solid Foods into Your Baby’s Diet

  At some point, all new moms have to ask the important question: “how can I safely introduce solid food into my son or daughter’s diet?” It’s the necessary “next step” in your child’s…


Baby Walkers: Are They Safe?

We have all seen cute little babies zooming around in baby walkers as a transition to the normal “toddling” stage. Seems pretty harmless, right? Baby walkers are meant to help babies start walking, right?…