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Month: April 2016

Parenting lifehacks that every mom and dad should try with their children.

5 Parenting Lifehacks You Need to Try This Weekend

As parents, we have limited time and limited sleep so we need as many shortcuts as we can, especially since a big part of parenting is figuring things out as you go along. Thank…

What to do to prevent Zika

Zika and Pregnancy, What You Need to Know

[El Comercio]   The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a video at the White House earlier this week (viewable in the tweet below) that cautioned over the larger set of health complications and…

Oversharing on social media, are you posting pictures of your baby too often?

The Oversharing Mom, to Post or Not to Post?

You have the cutest kids ever and you know it, so sharing their beauty, kindness, and milestones with the world is an obvious choice. But sadly, you may be starting to feel self-conscious because…