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Month: November 2016

Our Cyber Monday Gift with Purchase

Last week we spoke about how important it is to be thankful every day and to help share that point, we wanted to give our shoppers a free gift with purchase! We love the…


Thankful All Year Round

Around this time of year, many people start to think about all the blessings, and shortcomings, in their life. We make lists of potential gifts, resolutions, what we want to change and what we…


All About Wonder Week 12 – The Leap of Smooth Transitions

Your baby has reached Wonder Week 12 and with that comes a new set of challenges and discoveries! Early on in this stage your little one may develop a period of shyness with strangers.…


Why You Should Worry About Sun Protection All Year Long

We’re all well versed in protecting our little ones from damaging UV rays during summer vacation. In the hot months, when their bare skin is more likely to be exposed, it’s not hard to…