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Month: February 2017

Helpful Tips and Products to Protect Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

A baby’s skin is the most smooth and delicate thing in the world, free from all the marks one accumulates over time. It’s important as a parent to take care of your baby’s sensitive…


Five Ways to Safely Take Care of Your Baby’s Nails

(KidzStuff Kidz-Safe Nail Trimmer Animation) Is nail trimming time a stressful one for you or your child? You’re not alone. The fear of cutting your baby’s fingernails in the process can give you anxiety…


Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit – Perfect for Home or On the Go!

  Let’s face it, kids are accident prone little people, and as parents we’re always scrambling for that quick fix band-aid or tube of disinfectant cream. Sometimes they’re lost in a jumble of other…


First Pregnancy? Me Too!

Today on the blog, our guest blogger Jackie talks about her remarkable pregnancy experience and provides some tips for moms who are expecting. Can you relate to her experiences? Let us know by leaving…