3 Family Things to Prepare for Fall Season

Fall season is on its way! Your kids are headed back to school, the weather is getting cooler, pumpkin lattes are back and the scenery is changing with leaves turning yellow and golden brown. Say hello to the fall with tips to keep your family safe and ready for the approaching season.

  1. Be Active and Spend Time Outside With Your Kids

Keep enjoying your time outdoors with your little ones regardless of the colder temperature. Depending on where you live, fall temperatures may not be as unbearable as winter temperatures. Have your kids help you pick up leaves or play ball outdoors.

It’s important for children to keep active, even if it’s only one hour a day. But always be prepared! Bugs and ticks are still around. If you plan on spending time outdoors with your infant, protect them from insects with KidzStuff’s Insect Shield® Romper. This one-piece comes with built-in insect repellent protection and is completely odorless! If you want to take them for a stroll in their stroller, there’s also our Insect Shield® Blanket. The blanket measures 30” x 40” and easily covers your baby’s legs and chest from insects.

Besides insects being out and about, the sun is still out and can still burn. Studies show that the sun’s UV rays are stronger when it’s cloudier. Don’t let your little one’s gentle skin be harmed by UV rays with KidzStuff’s Sun Blocker™ Collection. Rated Excellent UV Protection, the one-piece for babies and sun shirts for toddlers offer a chemical- and lotion-free defense against the sun.

Lastly, injuries are bound to happen while kids play outdoors. You should always keep a comprehensive quality first aid kit at hand. KidzStuff’s Stay Well™ First Aid Kit is the perfect kit to take on the go. It’s small enough to fit in your purse and contains all essentials needed to treat cuts, scrapes, insect bites and other unforeseen little accidents your child may experience.

  1. Create Bedtime Routines

For kids, heading back to school can be tough… even for parents! It’s especially difficult when you’ve become use to sleeping late and waking up late during summer vacation, but never fear! We can adapt to change. The key is to create a good evening routine for you and your kids.

Set times for homework, family dinner, and bath time. Also, have your kids get ready for bed and brush their teeth in advance so they can get a good night’s rest. KidzStuff’s latest product, the Super Powers 3X™ Toothbrush helps your child brush better and quicker. Its unique three-sided head allows your child to clean their entire tooth with a single stroke.

Besides having them clean their teeth right every night, reading before going to sleep is highly recommended! Read them bedtime stories or have them read books on their own. You can find amazing deals at ThriftBooks where they have an entire section of Children’s Books.

  1. Teach & Talk to Your Kids

Fall is all about change. Talk to your kids about change and always keep an open communication system. Summer season is possibly everyone’s favorite, but fall can also be fun! Try new things with your children like learning games or new recipes! Here’s a really cute dessert you can make with your kids that totally shouts “FALL SEASON”! Edible oreo acorns will be a hit for this upcoming fall season.

We wish you a safe and fun autumn. In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of the summer with your family!

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