Back to School Tips for Parents

Yes, it’s that time of year again, back to school season! Getting back on track after three months of relaxation can be a little tricky. It might be even harder if this is your little one’s first time at school. Have no fear, our guide is here! Whether you’re a first-time preschool parent, or a veteran back-to-schooler, these back to school tips will help you get your yearly routine started.

  1. Establish a Routine: Bedtime is usually a little more flexible during the summer months. But, about two weeks prior to school starting it is important to get your kids into the habit of an early bedtime routine. A sufficient amount of sleep is needed not only to grow, but also to be refreshed and ready to absorb all that knowledge. Make sure they put down all their technological gadgets an hour before going to bed and ensure they brush their teeth before bedtime. Our KidzStuff Super Powers 3x™ Toothbrush cuts brushing time down 3x because of its unique three sided which allows your child to clean their entire tooth with a single stroke, so your child will be ready for bed in no time.
  2. Supply Shopping: It is important to make your child feel involved in the back to school process. It is also a good thing to keep practicality in mind. Cute is not always efficient, so make sure the products you buy are built to last to avoid monthly shopping.
  3. Be Relatable: Remind your little one that you went to school once too. Share fond memories that will keep them looking forward to this new experience, as some kids fear the new adjustment.
  4. Orientation: If there is an orientation before school commences, try to bring along the prospective student. Getting to see their new environment before school starts eases them into the process. As they have been previously exposed to this new surrounding, they are more likely to concentrate on the teacher on their first day.
  5. Encourage Independence: After years of being attached at the hip, school comes between you and your child. Use this as a chance to start implementing independence. Before school starts, ask your child to start helping with small chores, cleaning up after playtime, and dress oneself.

It might take a little push, but in no time your child will be super excited to face the adventures of their new element. These five tips will help you and your child gain that back to school confidence! Do you have any additional back to school tips? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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