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Five Ways to Cut Down on New Baby Costs

New and young parents are more likely to fall victim to common money mistakes like buying all the latest (and usually expensive) gear, gadgets and gizmos for their new bundle of joy. But there…


5 Effective Ways to Discipline Your Toddler

So your little one is well into the “terrible twos” and you’re struggling with discipline. We understand how hard it is to find the right balance of disciplining a child in an age and…


7 Winter Must-Haves for Baby

It has certainly been a cold winter thus far, even in typically warmer areas. Keeping your baby warm and healthy during this time of the year isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require a…


5 Winter Skin Care Tips for Baby

Baby, it’s cold outside so keeping your baby warm is at the top of your list, but what about protecting their skin? The cold weather can be especially harsh on a baby’s sensitive skin…


Why You Should Be Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

Before babies develop their ability to speak, their understanding of language and motor skills have already started developing since hearing your voice while still in the womb. By the time your baby is seven…


How to Protect Your Baby from Insect Bites

For most areas, insect season is near end, however it’s not time to completely put your guard down. This year’s warmer temperatures may lead to a longer insect season, as insects, like mosquitos, do…