New Baby! Neck Safety

The head of a new baby is too heavy to be supported by his or her fragile neck. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make sure you and others are holding your infant correctly until the child gains adequate neck control.


One of MCH’s featured products KidzStuff™ HoldEze™ was designed by doctor’s to cradle a baby’s neck and make it easier for everyone to hold newborn children while providing essential comfort and support.


Proper holding may help prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome, or SBS, which can cause brain damage or even sudden death among infants, ages 3 to 8 months. SBS is associated with cerebral palsy, blindness, and mental impairment.


Important Tip:


For neck support when you are not holding baby, roll a blanket and place it underneath the baby’s neck when he or she is lying down or trying to sit up. You can also buy a neck pillow to give plenty of support in a car seat, stroller or wind-up swing.


Remember, within the second month your baby will have gained enough strength to lift the head slightly when lying on the tummy or turn the head to the side when propped up on your shoulder. By the time the infant is about 3 to 4 months old, you should be able to see your child holding the head up at a 45-degree angle. You may even notice your child turning her or her head to look about. Holding your infant at this age requires less caution, but it is still important to be careful with the posture. By the time the infant is over 6 months old, he or she should be able to hold up the neck steadily when seated or propped up on your shoulder.