Tips to Make the Holidays Magical for Your Child

The holidays are here again already! The remaining days of this season will fly by ever so quickly. Take a moment to decide what few holiday activities you definitely don’t want to miss in the rush of the season. And when holiday magic does happen, don’t be tricked into rushing on by!

Holidays with kids can be the most wonderful and the most exhausting time of the year. The key to making this a magical time is planning ahead. Putting together a dream list and prioritizing it is very important. One of the reasons we often feel overwhelmed by the season is that we try to do everything — everything doesn’t make the holiday special, but a few things can, if they are chosen carefully.

4 Tips:

• Have professional family photos taken. Frame them and include them in the holiday decorations.
• Decorate the house with moving holiday displays.
• String lights all over the outside of our house.
• Play Christmas music while we decorate the tree and sing “Oh, Christmas Tree”!

Now here is the most important thing: Holiday magic can’t be forced. It comes at the most unexpected times and in the most unimagined ways. Whenever that moment happens for you, stop and enjoy it. The same principle holds true for your children. The magic of the season may happen for them in the middle of a busy mall when they see a Christmas display, or when you plug in the lights on your tree for the first or the last time of the season, or when they open that special gift from you. If you are able to see a special sparkle in your child’s eyes it means something has just come alive. Drop your plans. Christmas is happening in that moment. Don’t miss it!