D.I.Y. Holiday Activities

Making your own gifts is a great way to create something truly personal for your family or friends, and D.I.Y. gifts for your kids lets you give them something that will encourage their imaginations and creativity. There are lots of fun things that you can make for your children – the sky really is the limit.

Here are a few craft ideas to make for the Christmas Holiday:

• Pine Cone & Pom-Pom Christmas Trees– Sometimes these classic crafts from our own childhoods have staying power with our little ones!

• Tissue Paper Wreath– The little ones will love crumpling up paper, and gluing and giggling together as they work on this darling handmade gift.

• Felt Christmas Tree– Let the kids create their own special tree–made of kid-safe felt! –That they can decorate any way they want.

• Handprint Snowman Ornament– This is such a great way to create a tradition growing up for your child.

Some extra activity ideas for kids:
o Watch a Christmas movie
o Decorate gingerbread houses
o Bake and decorate sugar cookies
o Write a letter to Santa
o Visit Santa at the mall or other location
o Have an indoor snowball fight
o Reenact the nativity
o Go to a Christmas tree lot and find the “perfect” tree
o Read the Christmas story from Luke 2
o Donate an old toy or book
o Make paper snowflakes
o Take a Christmas Train ride
o Read your favorite Christmas book
o Go see Christmas lights