What the Doctor Says… TempEze™

Christina Serrano, MSN, ARNP, PNP-BC, CPN  is the clinical specialist for the Emergency Department at Miami Children’s Hospital. 


I think the TempEze™ is a fantastic idea. A baby with a high temperature is one of the biggest concerns for parents and a fever often triggers panic. The TempEze™ is a convenient way to tell if your baby is too hot, and will prompt you to take their temperature.


A fever is a way for the body to protect itself against a virus or possible infection; it does not always constitute an emergency. However, if it is persistent, then you should definitely seek medical attention. A high temperature could be a sign of an infection, such as a urinary tract or respiratory infection, or it could also be a sign of a potentially life-threatening infection like meningitis.


Some parents are anxious about waking their baby when they’re sleeping, so with the TempEze™ you can easily tell just by looking at your baby if they are too hot or running a temperature. The TempEze™romper should mainly be used at night-time or if your baby is unwell at home.


A lot of cultures believe in bundling up and covering babies with blankets when they have a cold or fever. In reality, with a fever, the body is already heated, and covering it up will only increase the core temperature making it difficult for the temperature to decrease.


The best way to take a baby’s temperature is to be consistent and take it in the same place every time during the course of their illness. For infants under one year of age, rectal temperature is recommended unless otherwise advised. Thereafter, either an axillary (armpit), oral, or ear temperature are recommended.