What the Doctor Says… Sun Blocker Romper

Dr Ana Duarte MD is a board certified pediatric dermatologist, director of Dermatology at Miami Children’s Hospital and president of the Children’s Skin Center. Dr Duarte advises on children’s skin health to help ensure families are taking protective measures while enjoying time outdoors, both at school and at play.

“As a pediatric dermatologist and a Mom living in a year-round sunny climate like Miami, I am acutely aware of the importance of UV protection and it’s an area that I’m extremely passionate about. Just one blistering sunburn during childhood can more than double your adult risk of melanoma, which is a deadly form of skin cancer, so it’s critical that parents get into the habit of practicing sun smart behaviors for their children as early as possible.

“It’s never too early to start, and the Sun Blocker Romper gives parents an ideal opportunity to get their baby used to wearing sun protective clothing when playing outside or swimming. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends an SPF of 30 or greater, however they do not recommend using sun screen on babies under six months of age.  The Sun Blocker Romper with a UPF 40 rating provides excellent protection without exposing your baby’s delicate skin to chemicals, so this is a safe alternative.

“Cotton is too flexible for this type of clothing – it stretches so the weave does not remain tight, allowing harmful UV rays to penetrate. Tighter weave fabrics such as light weight polyester are much more preferable for use in sun protective clothing as they offer greater UPF protection.  And the hoodie is a great feature as it protects the back of the neck from harmful rays.

“The Sun Blocker Romper is an essential part of practicing sun savvy behavior, including staying in the shade and avoiding peak sun hours. And just because it may be cloudy outside doesn’t mean that you’re not at risk from sun damage. A great tip is to go online and check out your local UV Index before going out.”