What the Doctor Says… Baby Safe Nail Trimmer

Jefry Biehler MD, MPH is board certified in pediatric emergency medicine, Medical Director for Utilization and Quality at Miami Children’s Hospital and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Florida International University.


“As an Emergency Department physician I’ve seen numerous instances where parents have trimmed their baby’s nail too far by mistake, causing irritation and inflammation. If the toes or fingers become infected, we end up treating them for the infection. The need for antibiotics and the visit to the Emergency Department could have been avoided with better baby nail care.


“The options that parents have for cutting their baby’s nails are fairly limited. Conventional nail clippers are really intended for adult fingers and aren’t sufficiently rounded so it’s easy to cut too much nail or cut the tissue at the base of the nail. We get mothers who are very distressed at having hurt their baby and fathers who are just too anxious to try cutting their baby’s nails. Some mothers advocate chewing the nail off with their teeth but this isn’t the most effective or sanitary solution and there’s bacteria in the mouth that can also cause infection. Not cutting the nails isn’t an option either because babies tend to scratch their face and may develop irritation from ingrowing nails if they are left to grow unchecked.


“The Baby Safe Nail Trimmer is designed specifically to prevent parents from cutting the nail too close and is quick and easy to use. It’s definitely the safest way to trim your baby’s nails.


“It’s amazing that something so simple can save you visits to your pediatrician or the ER, not to mention unnecessary pain for the child and anxiety for parents.”