2014 New Year Baby Names

Popular baby names 2014 predictions are out! Using sophisticated tools available from the Social Security Administration, we have identified spikes in baby names popularity from previous years. Knowing your past gives you the most useful insights into the future. Thus we proudly present you the popular baby names 2014 list.

Popular Baby Names 2014 – Themes for Boy Names

One of the common themes that we spotted looking at data is the continuous rise of names that start with a K. Here’s some really cool examples for popular boy names in 2014:

Karter: alternative spelling for Old English boy name Carter, which means the one who transports goods. It currently holds the 347th spot in the top 1000 but it’s one of the fastest rising boy names out there!
Kendrick: this name will have a blast in 2014 thanks to the tremendous success of artist Kendrick Lamar.
King: let’s have a closer look at the numbers. King initially got into the top 1000 baby names list in 2006 grabbing the 898th spot, however in 2013 the name made a huge jump to 256, climbing 642 spots. With its strong message and rich associations to famous people like Martin Luther King or even Elvis (aka the King), this name is set to rule 2014!

Popular Baby Names 2014 – Sci Fi Trends for Girl Names

Another obvious trend is the come back of the sci-fi trend. Let’s have a look in some specific examples:

Arya: we carry on our analysis where we left it, at the Kings level. The popular Arya Stark, from Game of Thrones, the third child of the dynasty from the North, helps to rocket this name’s popularity up to the sky! Girls named Arya will be linked with the brave little girl that doesn’t hesitate to pull a sword towards grown-up men and fight against murderers and bandits.
Khaleesi: The mother of dragons, the queen of fire, warrior princess Khaleesi has become so popular that in the minds of most American viewers, she has literally taken the throne already! We are sure that Khaleesi will use her dragons to dominate the popular baby names 2014 charts without any second thought.
Haven: it may not be down to earth but this girl name has the holy grail of popularity! Haven is pleasant and positive baby name with obvious link to Christianity. Apart from being a perfect fit for religious parents, it’s going to be one of the top girl names in 2014!

Popular Baby Names 2014 – Back to Nature

As we get more and more eco-conscious, baby names inspired by nature will be more and more popular. You can place a safe bet to one of the following names:

Ivy: the name itself derives from the evergreen climbing plant, so it has its “roots” deep in nature.
Luna: yet another name which is located high, up in the sky. Luna means moon in Latin was also a Goddess in the ancient Roman mythology that personified in a divine way the only satellite of the planet earth.

Popular Baby Names 2014 – themes for a name to start or to end

“-lyn” seems to be one of the ending combinations of letters that start to be more and more trendy these days. It means waterfall or lake in old English and some popular examples can be:

Adelynn: a cute alternative to Adeline, it means “noble” in French.
Raelynn: one of the pretty girl names that has made a huge jump in popularity in the past two years. Only in 2011 and 2012, Raelynn has moved up by 155 spots in popularity.

So there you have it. The best and most accurate predictions for popular baby names 2014 are in front of you.