What’s Under There? Trimming Your Child’s Nails

Anyone with a baby or toddler is all too aware of how difficult it can be to properly trim his or hers tiny finger and toe nails without a struggle. The anxiety of cutting coupled with a writhing child can be frustrating at best and dangerous at worst. Use these 9 tips to get you both through the chore with a smile.

1. Use small finger puppets as a distraction and de-stressor.

2. Use a high chair. A high chair equipped with a flat tray is extremely effective at safely restraining a child, and elevates them into far easier reach for a big person. 

3. Wait until they are sleeping. Be sure you are still firmly holding the infant in place as some babies have very sensitive or unpredictable startle reflexes.

4. Don’t cut at all! Use an emery board and file any long nails down.

5. Use a distraction you can count on. Don’t cut too much off or you want to avoid cutting close to the nail bed. (See our Baby-Safe™ Nail Trimmer)

6. Buckle them into their car seat. You can take it out, or leave it in the car if space permits. The new, mandatory 5-point harnesses on car seats can restrain any fussing child, and keep them safe and comfortable at the same time.

7. Use a slow, calm version of ‘This Little Piggy’ with fingers and toes to make the experience entertaining.

8. Offer a reward for sitting still and being patient.

9. For a toddler who enjoys being pretty, promise a pretty nail polishing after you have finished cutting.