Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today is a wonderful day! It’s not only March 2, but today also marks the 110th birthday of Theodor Geisel, the beloved children’s author and illustrator better known by his pen name, Dr. Seuss.

With well over 60 books written by Dr. Seuss, and more than 200 million copies of those books sold worldwide, the good doctor has been inspiring us since the early 1950s. Many of his books have even been made into movies.

For many people, a Dr. Seuss book like Green Eggs and Ham or Hop on Pop was the first book they ever learned how to read. Using clever rhymes, delightful illustrations, silly puns and a wild imagination, Dr. Seuss was perhaps the first author to make reading fun, both for kids and for their parents and teachers.

What’s more, unbeknownst to the children who read them, many of Dr. Seuss’ books have much deeper meaning in the underlying themes. Stories, especially children’s literature, have always had moral undertones to teach lessons to the young readers.

Check out this infographic featuring 30 inspirational Dr. Seuss quotes ‘that can change your life.’ What do you think? Do you have a favorite?