Baby, It’s Hot Outside

Planning on a trip to the park, pool or beach with baby? There are some things you’ll want to have on hand to keep your little one safe and cool as the months ahead heat up. Here’s a list of must-have baby gear to keep your little one safe, sound, and happy.

KidzStuff Sun Blocker™ Romper with UV Protection
Packing a bag to take baby outdoors? Don’t forget to dress baby in a cute romper that provides UV protection. Our adorable Sun Blocker™ Rompers gives the ultimate protection from too much sun exposure, which can lead to sunburn. They also come in trendy colors for the summer!

Floppy Hat or Cap
Not only are these too cute—tiny baseball caps, fishing hats, little flowered sunbonnets—but they also keep the sun off baby’s sensitive scalp. One with an earflap cover is also good because it keeps those delicate little pieces of skin so often missed when you’re slathering on the sunblock.

The sun can be hard on your baby’s sensitive eyes, especially if you have a little blue-eyed one. So make sure to take a pair of sunglasses out with you. We personally love Babiators!!!

Beach Umbrella
With a nice, big beach umbrella, you can make your own protective shade for baby. There are also some great tents on the market that provide shelter from the sun and are big enough for both of you or even more people to sit under.

A big part of what makes these warmer months so special is the amount of quality time that families get to spend together outdoors. From pool parties to backyard BBQs—we love it all, but please keep your baby covered and safe from the harmful rays!