Tips for your First Summer Vacation with your Baby

Your first big trip with your newborn baby! Whether you’re packing up the car to visit the in-laws or flying off to a tropical island, the notion of traveling with your newest family member probably fills you with an equal measure of excitement and dread. But you can do it! Here are some tips to make your trip as easy and fun as possible. Hint: It’s all about preparation!

1. Start packing ahead of time — way ahead of time.
If planning a Caribbean trip or somewhere that is very sunny, try our Sun Blocker™ Romper to cover the head, neck and arms on days when sunscreen just isn’t enough. Also, make sure you have plenty of travel-sized baby sunscreen, swim diapers and hats that tie on.

2. Babies need passports, too.
If you’re traveling outside the country, remember to leave yourself ample time to get your baby a passport.

3. Check, please!
Worried about checking or lugging your car seat and stroller attachment along with all your other stuff? Don’t be! Most airlines will allow you to gate check your car seat and stroller, so it’s right there waiting for you when you get off the plane.

4. Make sleeping arrangements.
Planning on using a Pack ‘n Play or a crib at your hotel? Reserve one early before they run out! You’ll also want to consider where baby will nap during your stay.

5. Bring entertainment.
Pack a few of your baby’s favorite toys and books from home. Not only will they keep your baby entertained in the car and/or on the flight, they can also pass the time in the hotel room and make him/her feel a little more secure.

6. Don’t forget about you!
With all the preparing for baby, it’s easy to forget that it’s your vacation, too! Most hotels and resorts offer babysitting services, if you feel comfortable taking advantage of them. Load up your e-reader with some good beach reads and sip a cocktail by the pool.