Fall Sports – Safety Tips For Your Child

Looks like Fall is in the air once again! That means we can look forward to changing leaf colors, cooler temperatures and Fall sports for your little one to enjoy. But whether your child is excited to participate in sports like football, soccer or basketball, one thing is for certain: accidents and injuries are more likely to occur when playing sports if caution is not exercised.

This can be a parent’s worst nightmare because at the end of the day, there’s nothing more troubling than watching your child in distress. But while injuries are never 100% unavoidable, there are preventative measures that parents can take to ensure that kids are properly protected during Fall sports.

1. Don’t forget to stretch and warm up

One of the most important ways to avoid sports-related injuries is to always begin and end with thorough stretching, focusing especially on areas that will be placed under more stress than usual. After your child’s first stretch, ensure that he or she properly warms up with some light jogging or something comparable. By taking about 10 minutes to stretch and warm up, built up muscle tension is released and the risk of being injured is dramatically reduced.

2. Stay hydrated

We simply cannot stress how important it is for children to stay hydrated when partaking in Fall sports. As the weather cools down, it’s easy to forget to grab a drink. However, it’s absolutely vital to always remember that children are more prone to dehydration and heat illness than adults, especially when exercising. Encourage your children to stick to a schedule of regular intervals to stop and grab a drink of water to help them stay on their A-game!

3. Maintain a nutritious diet

When children live an active lifestyle, it’s important that their diet reflects that as well. Be sure to adjust your child’s meals accordingly so that he or she is getting enough carbohydrates and protein to fuel their Fall sports. Be sure to also include lots of vegetables and fruit wherever possible for additional nutrients. Most importantly, remember that eating a few hours before playing sports is vital to a healthy lifestyle.