Trick or Treat: Halloween Safety Tips for Children

Halloween is such a fun holiday to spend together as a family. With kids dressing up as their favorite super heroes, spooky house decor and everyone stocking up on candy, Halloween safety for children is easily overlooked. Keep these Halloween safety tips and suggestions that will ensure you and your kids have an epic (and safe) Halloween this year!

We all know that gathering as much candy as possible is most kid’s priority during Halloween, but their costumes are second in line! Although your kids’ costumes may be perfect as they are, they may not be easy for cars to spot while they are trick-or-treating. To make sure they are safe while crossing the street, add some reflective tape to costumes and candy bags so that cars can easily see them. Holding a flashlight while trick-or-treating is also another option that not only lets others see you but it also lets you see others. Sometimes children get so excited when you first purchase their costume that they neglect comfort. Prior to Halloween, have your kids wear their costume around the house for a few hours to make sure there isn’t any uncomfortable fabric or costume parts that are too loose or too tight. If your kid’s costume incorporates face paint, test it on a small area first to ensure they wont have an allergic reaction to it. Any costume props that they will carry while trick-or-treating should be soft and flexible to avoid any possible accidents.

If you want to carve pumpkins with your kids to decorate the house, have them draw on the pumpkin with a marker but make sure an adult is handling the carving. Once you and your kids are satisfied with the spooky pumpkin, make sure you place it on a sturdy, flat surface away from flammable objects. Using a flashlight or glow stick is a great alternative to using a candle, which can definitely be a safety hazard if it is left unattended. Remove anything from the porch that visiting trick-or-treaters could trip over, such as garden hoses or Halloween decorations. While your pets may not necessarily try to harm kids who visit your house for some candy, they may get excited and jump on a trick-or-treater and accidently scratch them or make them fall, so having them restrained or put away is a must.

While candy may be the most exciting part of Halloween for kids, it can cause the most accidents if certain precautions are not taken. Although it may be tempting for your kids to start eating their candy as soon as they receive it, it is best if they only eat the candy once they are back home. By doing this, an adult can examine the candy and throw away any that appear spoiled, unwrapped or suspicious. By following these safety tips and precautions, you can ensure your children have a memorable, accident-free and fun Halloween!