Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

November is here and holiday cheer is slowly but surely beginning to fill the cool fall air. That means longer nights, changing colors and celebratory events for the whole family. The first up? Thanksgiving. As the holidays roll in, families have already began prepping the big day to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. From the home décor to the guest list, each aspect and attendee is important! But for families, accommodating every guest can be tricky…especially the young, picky guests. But whether your little one loves vegetables or apple pie, planning some kid-friendly thanksgiving meals will only help the night go more smoothly. Try out these great kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes that any child (and even some adults) will swoon over.


Pull apart salt and pepper biscuits
This Kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipe comes straight from Food & Wine and is quick, easy and, most importantly, delicious! With only a few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, it’s easy to whip these delicious biscuits together in no time. The recipe uses easy-to-handle ingredients like flour, baking powder and buttermilk! What’s even better about the recipe is that you can even get your little ones involved because of the simplicity of the preparation.


Mashed Potato scoops
Can’t get your child to enjoy a nice helping of potatoes? This kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipe from Parenting is your answer! By using food presentation to your advantage, your kid will fall in love with these tasty spuds. Grab those left over potatoes and prepare this creative dish that fuses potatoes and ice cream flavors. You’ll need sweet, red and white potatoes to begin. Don’t forget to use an ice cream scoop to complete the look.


Turkey Nuggets

Don’t forget about the protein! No Thanksgiving meal is complete without some tasty turkey. Give your children’s table a kid-friendly spin that they can even help prepare! The Parenting recipe only requires a few ingredients that you’ll already have on your shopping list for Thanksgiving like turkey slices, milk, honey and bread crumbs. Be sure that an adult handles the baking part of the preparation, but these turkey nuggets will ensure that your holiday dinner is an unforgettable one!