Fun Fall Activities for Kids

With changing seasons on the horizon, there’s a lot of great fall activities to enjoy during Autumn. It’s the perfect time to bond with family members and make the most of the blooming holiday season. So why not stop, take a second and appreciate the things that matter most…especially the little ones. Commit to making a new tradition and new memories this season with these fun fall activities for kids and parents to enjoy together.


Whether you’re getting crafty with stationary or creating some Fall accent pieces with pumpkins or gourds, Autumn is the perfect time to express some creativity with your children and create something magical. Make the perfect holiday greeting cards to share with loved ones by creating hand-traced turkeys or by gifting a custom autumn inspired picture frame for those perfect memories. All you’ll need is some unfinished wood frames, paint and whatever decorations you and your little one like!


Take your crafting project to the next level with some inspiring decorative pumpkins to complete your home’s festive, Fall look just in time for Thanksgiving! Pumpkins are easy to pick up during the season and are a great way to create something beautiful with a little creativity! Whether you’re doing a minimal chevron carving to your pumpkin, melting crayons on a gourd, or using finger paints to express some colorful creation, nothing says Fall fun like a dazzling pumpkin!


They say one of the best way to trigger memories is through the sense of smell. So what better way to celebrate Fall than by filling your home with the smell of something delightfully delicious? Warm up any Autumn afternoon by baking delicious treats with the assistance of your little helper! Finding the perfect, kid-friendly dessert recipe is simple!  Our favorite is the chocolate-banana mini loaves using ingredients like banana bread mix, cocoa, chocolate chips and more!


With the holiday season slowly arriving, Fall is the perfect time to begin getting into the spirit with some home decorating! Remember those beautiful pumpkins we talked about decorating earlier? Now is the perfect time to liven up your home with your new creation. You can even set aside some time with your child to get started on holiday wreaths! This great Fall activity by Alphamom is a creative and fun way to put a new, kid-friendly twist on the classic decoration! What’s even better is that you can customize the design to your hearts content!