Tips for Holiday Air Travel with Kids 

 “Breathe in…then breathe out,” you tell yourself as you book those holiday travel tickets.

It’s time for the seasons travels to see relatives or simply get away from the cold. But parents all know the stress that comes along with air travel with children…pair that with the holiday madness, and you’re looking at a recipe for disaster (and probably more gray hairs). Plan for smooth, stress-free holiday air travel by using these tips.

 Pack Smart

By packing efficiently you’ll be saving yourself a lot of grief when traveling, especially if you are carrying on bags. To begin with, make traveling with presents a breeze by shipping them to your destination beforehand. This works especially well if you do a lot of your holiday shopping online. But most importantly, remember when packing for you and family members, not to over pack…but don’t under pack either! This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pack light, but to simply be well-prepared without overdoing it. Take a close inventory of what you’ll each need for your trip and don’t forget the essentials like medicine and sugar-free snacks for your little ones.

Plan ahead

Before the big flight, plan ahead for any obstacles that may be presented along the way. One of the biggest woes of the holidays is the traffic. Remind yourself to check the traffic ahead of time so that you can leave with an ample amount of time to make it to the airport and reach your gate. The last thing you’d want is to be rushing at the last minute. It’s also a good idea to let your children know what to expect before they reach the airport, especially if it’s their first flight. Help them understand the process so they’re aware of the security checks and flight procedures.

If you’re flying out of the country, check ahead of time to see that every family member’s passport is up-to-date. In addition, remember to plan out some family games, to play in long lines or even in the air. This way the entire family will be entertained and accounted for to whole way through.

Stay Connected

The easiest way to stay entertained during those long flights is by staying connected! Luckily, this tip is applicable to kids and parents alike. You may have to switch your phone to airplane mode while flying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come prepared with offline games to keep the kids busy and a playlist to keep you entertained while in the air. But don’t forget to pack an external charger for those longer flights, just incase your battery life gets zapped early.