KidzStuff Interviews Jessie Jessup Apparel

KidzStuff recently got the chance to sit down with Jessie Jessup Apparel, a young marine artist locally based out of Ft. Lauderdale. Her passion for art began in her teenage years while still in high school. Eventually, her work began spilling out onto clothing apparel, some of which even included our KidzStuff Sun Blocker Rompers! Once we caught wind of the talented artist using our pediatrician-designed products as her canvas, we immediately fell in love. Here’s what the young artist had to say during our stellar interview:


Is there a particular style of painting you do?
The main type of art I do is stipple. A technique where the art is created from all dots. Other techniques are simply watercolor and acrylic painting, and a few others I have done graphically using graphic design techniques.


Why do you paint marine life?
I paint marine life mainly because I love the ocean and have a huge passion for the ocean environment. The marine life that thrives in the ocean is all so vibrant and colorful which also gives me a beautiful color pallet for my artwork. Since I was a little girl I have dove many reefs from Ft. Lauderdale to down to the Florida Keys. So you can say that I am also just really familiar with the many species and the surroundings provided by the ocean.


How did you get started in selling apparel?
My high school art teacher started noticing that all of my work had no background to it. So she encouraged me to throw it on a shirt and see what it looked like, just as a silly idea. Just a plain old tee shirt, nothing fancy. I finally got it printed and gave it to my friend at school who had the same art class as me. She absolutely loved it. Over the next few days she said she got so many compliments and people asking where she got that shirt that I finally ended up making a logo and creating a brand out of my works of art that everyone seemed to love. I never knew in a million years that people would love my work so much!


Why did you want to work with KidzStuff?
They specialize in kid’s products. They have an UPF-rated 40 sun blocker onesie that I absolutely fell in love with. I might not have kids, but I do know, that parents want to protect their kids from those harmful sunrays especially in sunny South Florida. So because of their line of kids clothing, I was able to work with them to get awesome sun protective clothing to create my kids clothing line with all of the art that everyone adores and appreciates! Check it out at Jessie Jessup Apparel. Thanks KidzStuff!


Do any of your proceeds go to a charity or foundation?
For every shirt that I sell that has a billfish or a Dorado fish on it, I donate $1 per shirt to The Billfish Foundation, So far I have raised over $700 since 2013 for the conversation of billfish and to help keep fisheries regulated and to keep the balance of the ocean in place.