Fourth of July Safety for Children

Fourth of July Safety for Children

July 2, 2015

Independence day is almost here! That means there will be tons of celebrations, gatherings, fireworks, and of course, family fun! But even with great times to be had, it’s important for parents to keep Fourth of July safety in mind, especially when it comes to children. With big crowds undoubtedly showing up, it’s easy for parents to get overwhelmed and mistakes to occur. Keep these tips in mind while celebrating to ensure that your family’s summer safety is a top priority.

While in the Water
Independence Day celebrations are usually riddled with events like swimming, sun and more. As a result, crowds usually flock to beaches. Be sure that your children are accounted for when in the water, whether it is a beach or a pool. Be certain to make sure they are supervised at all times. Try to get a spot on the beach close to the nearest lifeguard, if it’s an extra busy beach day.

While Enjoying Fireworks
Considering that in 2013 alone there were an estimated 11,400 injuries because of fireworks, caution should especially be taken whether you’re watching a fireworks show or purchasing your own for your Independence Day celebration. Even something as seemingly harmless as sparklers can pose a threat given that they can heat up to 1,200 degrees, which is precisely why Fourth of July safety is so vital!

When it comes to bigger fireworks, carefully follow all instructions and make sure there is a source of water readily available in case something catches on fire. That’s why fireworks should be enjoyed in very open areas that are clear of overhead trees, amongst other things. In any case, having a family first aid kit prepared in the event of an accident is a very important precautionary step to take.

While Out and About in the Sun
The summer sun can be at an all-time high on Independence Day when many families choose to go out to the beach or enjoy boat rides. Being mindful of the sun is important to help reduce the chance of sunburns and dehydration. For this, there’s a simple solution: apply sunblock when out and about in the sun. Be sure to apply every couple of hours, as advised on your sunscreen label. If using sunblock on children isn’t an option for you, alternatives do exist like umbrellas or even baby clothes with SPF protection.