How to Celebrate National Son and Daughter Day

August 11th marks National Son and Daughter Day. On this day, we are reminded to take a step back and truly take the day to appreciate our little bundles of joy (no matter how old). But while most holidays are complemented with gift giving, August 11th is not about giving your child a toy or present. Instead, it is about giving your children the best gift possible: your time and attention.

Children, much like adults, love when we show them that we care; in fact, they’ll take all the attention that they can get! On National Son and Daughter Day, be sure to take the time to do just that, give your kids the attention and time that they deserve. Sometimes, as parents, it’s easy to get so caught up with work and life that we fail to realize that time goes by too quickly. Before you know it, your kids will be off to college and creating their own adventures. That’s why this is the perfect day to get away from your daily stressors and remind your children, that you truly care.

Now, there are many ways that you can celebrate this important day. A great, easy way to bond on National Son and Daughter Day is by taking your child to the park, but this time, be a part of the fun! Swing on the monkey bars with your children or slide down the big spiral slide with them. You can even try to find new adventures by going sightseeing in your own town! Visit that new museum or check out that historic landmark your child is always talking about. Be sure to cater the day to your child to show him or her that they truly matter. Got a little artist on your hands? Go painting beneath the stars! Maybe your little one is an athlete in the making. Challenge him or her to a friendly game of their choosing! The opportunities are endless! Just remember that our children are what keep us young, so get out and create some lasting memories!