Rainy Day Family Fun – 10 Tips to Beat The Weather

Sometimes the rain can be a real letdown, especially if you live in rainy cities like Miami or Seattle where it rains a lot. But why let the weather spoil ALL the fun? Especially when there are so many other ways to still have a great time! In honor of National Family Fun Month, try these indoor activities that the entire family can enjoy (whether it’s on a rainy day or not):

  • Board/Card Games: There are way too many board and card games you can choose from nowadays. Simple games like Uno or Monopoly are great and fun activities that will make the time fly by.

  • Finger painting: Painting is a very relaxing and fun activity. Imagine the masterpieces the family could make together! Just be careful, as this can get a little messy.

  • Write letters: What better way to keep family ties together than actually communicating with family? We’re sure anyone would appreciate a hand-written letter from his or her family.

  • Play with Legos: You’ll be amazed with the power of Legos. Let your family’s imagination run wild with this activity. You can make a castle for your little princess or prince or even create your dream home!

  • Guess that Disney quote: Who doesn’t love Disney? Put your family’s wits to the test and see how well they know their Disney characters. Recite famous quotes from different Disney characters and see who can guess the most!

  • Charades: With our little one’s imaginations, who knows what they will think of when acting out different activities? Only one way to find out!

  • Build a fort: Everyone has some great childhood memories of building a great big fort. Relive your childhood and help bring your kids creation to life by building a fort fit for royalty!

  • 100 Cup Challenge: Got extra plastic cups lying around? See who can stack the most cups without having the cup tower tumbling down.

  • Movie Night: This might be one of the most obvious family fun ideas, but make sure it’s a movie that everyone can enjoy.

  • Baking: Whip up some delicious fun by baking a sweet treat. After working hard from creating a cake or cupcakes, it’s only right for you to treat yourself to a few.