Kid Friendly Tips to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane season has arrived. With storms like Erika and Danny already announced, it is important to think of anything that could possibly happen before a storm hits. With that come the necessary precautions in order to keep families safe. The basic necessities such as batteries, non-perishable items and water are a given. However, we encourage families to include kid-friendly supplies in their emergency kits in order to help ease them through the possibility of a storm happening. Below is a list of helpful tips to aid your family in dealing with an emergency.

  • Establish a safe room or the safest area in your home for a hurricane hazard

  • Discuss the types of hazards that could occur such as storm surge or floods

  • Determine escape routes from your home and places to meet

  • Provide comfort items such as stuffed animals, doll, toys and pacifiers for children

  • Stock up on personal products like baby wipes, diapers and formula

  • Have activities for children during the storm like books, puzzles and games

  • Load up on family medicine including infant/children fever reducer and ointment

  • Have a list of emergency contact phone numbers by your telephone

  • Must sure to have a family contact who will not be effected by the disaster

  • Have a plan in place for pets in case you need to evacuate

  • Stay informed by listening to local stations on a portable radio or television

In the event of an emergency, it is important to remain calm and help ensure that your child feels safe and comfortable. One of the ways you can do this is by listening to your child’s concerns and fears. Offer them reassurance. After an emergency has occurred, provide a structure and routine in the home. Protect them by keeping the media exposure to a minimum. In the end, the best way to prepare for an emergency is by creating a family plan that keeps everyone safe and doing their part.