7 Winter Must-Haves for Baby

It has certainly been a cold winter thus far, even in typically warmer areas. Keeping your baby warm and healthy during this time of the year isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require a few extra steps in your daily routine. These 7 must-haves will help make protecting and keeping your baby warm this winter a little easier.   

  1. Humidifier – Using a humidifier in your baby’s nursery during winter months helps keep the moisture in the air. This is important to protect your baby from dry skin and lowers the risks of sore throat, dry sinuses, and congestion. Check out this list of the best humidifiers to help you decide which is best for you.

    1. Stroller Cover or Weather Shield – Protect your baby from precipitation and the cold chill of old man winter by investing in a stroller cover. This will keep the cold air and snow out but still allow enough ventilation for your little one.

    2. Kidzstuff Tempeze Romper – You probably already know the importance of layering up on clothing during the cold winter days, but did you know, there can be too many layers? Bundling your baby in too many layers can make them hot and uncomfortable. This romper has special ink that changes color when your baby gets too warm.

    3. Flannel bed sheets – Stock up on flannel bed sheets to safely add a little extra warmth to your baby’s crib. Be sure to get fitted sheets that fit snugly on the mattress.

    4. Blanket – Vehicle crash tests have shown the dangers of strapping your baby in a car seat wearing a winter coat, so opt for a blanket instead. These will keep your baby warm during your car ride without risking car seat safety. Remember to always avoid any product that is an add-on to a car seat, as they are not tested and can pose a safety threat.

    5. Sun Protection – The sun’s rays are still dangerous for your little one’s skin during the winter. Some sunscreen creams and lotions can be just as harmful to your baby’s delicate skin, so a great alternative is UPF-rated clothing. KidzStuff Sun Blocker Rompers are chemical and lotion-free, lightweight, and comfortable for your baby.

    6. Moisturizer – During the winter, your baby’s skin is more susceptible to drying and chaffing. Choose an unscented product with no artificial coloring or allergenic preservatives. It’s best to choose products with natural ingredients like olive, almond, and coconut.

For more winter tips for baby, check out our blog on Winter Skin Care Tips.