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Spring Break on a Budget

Sometimes the best mini-vacations are spent close to home; so don’t feel as if you’ve got to plan an extensive road trip with a packed itinerary to have a Spring Break that the family…


Disney World During Pregnancy

Today on the blog, our guest blogger Jackie talks about her pregnancy experience at the happiest place on earth, Disney World! Do you love traveling if or when you’ve been pregnant? Let us know…


Tips for a Safe Spring Break for Your Kids

Spring break is just around the corner and you may be planning a week of family fun and escape. This is a great time to celebrate the upcoming sunny season and to plan ahead…


Enter the KidzStuff Spring Giveaway through April 2nd!

KidzStuff’s March giveaway is here! The giveaway runs from Monday, March 13th through Sunday, April 2nd. Enter for your chance to win our spring theme giveaway items! The winner will be announced on Monday,…


Is It Allergies or Is It the Common Cold?

Your little one has a runny nose, sneezes, coughs and is not their typical happy self. You thought it was a cold but now you’re not so sure. How can you tell the difference…


The “Magical” Gender Reveal

Today on the blog, our guest blogger Jackie talks about her experience before and during her magical gender reveal party. Are you planning a gender reveal party? Or have you done one in the…