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Helpful articles and stories every parent can learn from. The KidzStuff® Blog brings you the latest topics on everything from exercise to feedings to decor; all to make life better, easier and not to mention, safer for you and your child. After all, that’s what KidzStuff® is all about.
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Wonder Week 26: The World of Relationships

Next in our Wonder Weeks series, week 26. Catch up on the previous developmental leaps here: Wonder Week 5, Wonder Week 8, Wonder Week 12, and Wonder Week 19 To your baby, the realization…


Tips for Helping Soothe Teething Babies

It can be a trying time for you and your child; teething can be painful and interrupt your baby’s sleep patterns, leaving you both tired the next day. If you’re finding yourself baggy eyed…


Mother’s New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays can be a wonderful time of family togetherness, when people congregate and enjoy the company of the ones they love.  Your home may be decorated to the nines, with displays of yuletide…


Wonder Week 19: The World of Events

There are so many changes coming baby’s way at this point, it’s no wonder he may seem fussy and more needy than in the weeks leading up to week 19.   Before this, for example,…


Behind the Scenes of the KidzStuff Video Shoot

Last Spring we conducted a KidzStuff photoshoot for our current and new product launches and it was such a blast. We loved sharing the behind the scenes with our KidzStuff family so we knew…


Be Prepared with the KidzStuff First Aid Kit – Enter to Win One Here!

No one wants to be in a situation where your child is hurt and you can’t do anything about it, so for those stressful situations we have created the perfect first aid kit. This…