Easy & Breezy Beach Day with Baby

You may have been dreaming of it all winter long; a day at the beach with your family is one of summer’s pleasures. It’s also one of the reasons we pack up the family and hightail it to sunny destinations during our cold, snowy months. Whether you’re taking off for a week of soaking up the sunshine or are lucky enough to live close enough to enjoy the sand and surf regularly, we have some great tips on how to avoid calamity when you want to head to the beach with your baby. A beach day with baby will be a success if you follow these 8 simple tips!

  1. Grab a big beach umbrella for a shady spot to sit when you’re not wading. It’s a nice space to park your cooler of snacks and if one doesn’t do the trick; two or three umbrellas grouped together can make a large space so nobody gets left out. A zippered pop up tent or shelter is handy for babies when it’s nap time; shady, cool and bug free, and most fold up into discs the size of a Frisbee.
  2. Bring on the snacks! There’s nothing like swimming and sand castle building to bring on hunger, so pack a lunch and make sure you have enough snacks to keep rumbling bellies at bay. Plan ahead and cut up fruit and veggies to keep in plastic containers. Crackers, cheese and meat are a great combo, along with frozen yogurt tubes or applesauce.
  3. Stay hydrated by bringing bottled water and making sure everyone drinks enough. You can make plain water a little more exciting by adding cucumber slices and mint or even just a splash of lime for flavor. Sippy cups help prevent spills and can be easily refilled; this is a great way to keep track of how much your baby is drinking.
  4. The KidzStuff Sun Blocker Romper is your perfect alternative to lotion or spray sun block that makes sand stick and can irritate your little one’s skin. It’s a long-sleeved, lightweight onesie with a built in hoodie for UV protection without cramping baby’s playtime.
  5. A mesh bag keeps everything together and is easy to haul back and forth from car to shore. Store your baby’s sand toys in a mesh bag. Shovels, scoops and buckets will help keep your baby happy and occupied, and a quick swish in the ocean before you leave will ensure most of the sand stays where it belongs… at the beach.
  6. Packing your diaper changing paraphernalia in a small separate bag makes it easy to get your little one cleaned up quickly. A change pad, wipes, diapers, some plastic grocery bags for garbage and a travel bottle of hand sanitizer will keep diaper changing quick and hassle free.
  7. You probably have baby powder at home but tuck it into your beach bag to help painlessly brush sand off of little bodies before they’re buckled in for the ride home.
  8. Bring the camera! Seal cameras and phones in a zip lock bag to keep them free from debris, but don’t miss out on the thrills of little feet in the waves.

The beach can be a bit of a messy affair, but it’s a wonderful setting to spend some time with your family and watch as your baby discovers new sights and sounds. A little planning and a watchful eye towards sun protection will ensure that baby delights in ocean side adventures as much as you do! The KidzStuff Sun Blocker Romper is your go to romper for your baby to protect them from harmful UV rays. The Sun Blocker Romper is available in white, blue and pink. And there’s also plenty of designs available for purchase (animal prints, sassy sayings, Jessie Jessup designs and seasonal designs). Treat yourself and your little one to an easy, breezy and safe beach day!

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