Family Fall Activities

You’ve had a wonderful summer with the kiddos and now you can certainly feel a change in the air. Fall is upon us, and while some days entice us to sit by a warm fire sipping those pumpkin spiced lattes, this season also offers a ton of fun outdoor activities for families!

Visit a corn maze

  • There are numerous corn mazes and each one has something a little different to offer. Some of them offer hot chocolate or marshmallow roasting for afterwards, and some offer hay wagon rides on site. Corn mazes will keep little ones (not to mention big ones) entertained in crisp, fall air.

Visit a pumpkin patch

  • Halloween is right around the corner; have you considered a fun alternative to buying your pumpkin at the grocery store? Look around for pumpkin patches near you that offer a u-pick option. A few bigger ones for Jack-O-Lanterns and some smaller ones for painting will make for some creative fall crafting for the whole family.

Family yard clean up

  • Although the bulk of the garden work is done, there is always some clean up to do at the end of the season. Get your little ones involved in splitting perennials, planting bulbs and tearing out dead stalks and leaves to toss into the compost pile.

Learn to can together

  • Fall is the perfect time to buy produce in bulk from a local farmer and can it to enjoy all winter long. Pickles, jams, jellies, pasta and applesauce will keep your cupboards near to bursting with the taste of summer goodness.

Take a fall walk

  • Check out hikes or trails in your area. You may even have walked them through the summer, but fall is the time when the trees around you are putting their best foot forward. Point out the colors and shapes and collect a few to make projects with your child once you’re home again.

Jump in leaf piles

  • For simple backyard fun, nothing beats those big leaf piles in the backyard. Have the kids help with raking and make sure to take some pictures of them as they discover the same joy that you experienced as a child.

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What are some of your favorite fall activities to enjoy with family? We’d love to hear!

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