Family Road Trip Essentials

Planning a family road trip this summer? If you’ve got baby or a toddler along for the ride, your adventure will be far smoother with our list of essentials that you’ll want to keep close at hand. Check out our favorite things to pack for a road trip the whole family will remember.

  1. Kidz-Safe™ First Aid Kit

This little gem made it to the top of the list and when you see what’s included you’ll understand why. Pediatrician-designed, its 94 pieces cover just about every base you would want in a first aid kit so that you’re prepared when the inevitable happens…and with kids, we all know to expect the unexpected.

  1. Wipes

Whether it’s a post ice cream clean up, a diaper blow out, or simply a need to freshen up after a few hours on the road, wipes are handy to have in the glove box so that they’re easily accessible when you need them.

  1. Change of clothes

Between drool, dinner and diapers, a change of clothes is inevitable. You’ll also want to keep a hoodie close by if the weather gets chilly.

  1. Sun hat

This can seem like a strange addition for the ride, but it’s a great way to keep the sun off baby’s face; and it can help them to fall asleep should a snooze be required.

  1. Stuffy

Teddy, snugly, stuffy…whatever name your toddler’s best bedtime buddy goes by; make sure they are a part of the ride. A sense of comfort from home can go a long way towards curing the blues.

  1. Snacks

Some tasty tidbits for the road only makes sense. Crackers, some cut fruit or even some cheese cubes can help to stave off hunger long enough to get to the next stop.

  1. Water bottles

Juice boxes are quick and easy, but they’re also sticky if there’s a spill. A water bottle will quench thirst without the mess.

  1. Car organizer

An over-the-seat car organizer can be a wonderful way to keep craft supplies, baby snacks, books and even that snugly buddy in one easy to find spot.

  1. DVD player

If you don’t have a built in, there are a variety of portable options, and even if you’ve been dreaming about an electronic free trip, this one little gadget can be your sole sanity saver.

  1. Wireless headphones

If you’re not exactly thrilled about listening to the latest Disney flick on repeat, grab some headphones for your eager little movie watchers.

  1. Garbage bags

You’ll need a spot for food wrappers, apple cores, napkins, and those wads of tasteless gum.

  1. Blanket

This is especially important if you have one kid that needs the air conditioning on full blast while the other turns blue. A cozy blanket can fend off any heat control battles before they start.

  1. Craft supplies

Even a toddler can be entertained by markers or paints, and there are so many mess-less types now that only show color on their own special paper that you won’t have to worry about stains anywhere else.

  1. Towels

Because you just never know when that amazing water park is right around the corner.

  1. Cash

Just in case…and I haven’t met a kid yet that wasn’t excited by the prospect of hunting through a garage sale for undiscovered treasure!

If you have any of your own essentials you like to bring with you on your family road trips, feel free to leave a comment below.

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