Getting Through The Common Cold

We all dread it; the runny nose, the sniffles, coughs, and probably worst of all, the interrupted sleep that so often accompanies our child’s cold. As a mom all you want is a fast, effective cure so that you and your family can get back on track. Rest easy; we’ve compiled a brief list of home remedies along with some helpful tips to help your family get well fast!


A humidifier in the bedroom overnight can make a big difference in your baby’s ability to breathe and can help you both to get a good nights’ rest. There are a variety of humidifiers with small wells so that you can add vapor rub or an essential oil to further open airways. Propping up your child or baby’s mattress slightly with a rolled towel at the head might also help to clear passageways.

Vapor Rub

Speaking of vapor rub, this lovely gel has been around for years. Rubbed on chests or the bottom of feet (cover feet with socks), it can help to open airways and limit runny noses and reduce coughs. It can be strong, so use with care and sparingly around little ones.

Nasal Irrigation

Using a neti pot and some saline solution or a syringe (built for the purpose) to flush out mucus and infection can be a fast and highly effective way to clear congestion, headaches and make your child feel some immediate relief.

Chicken Soup

There’s nothing a bowl of chicken soup won’t cure, is there? It’s always important to eat healthy, especially when our little ones aren’t feeling well. Chicken soup is a great way to help relieve aches and pains brought on by colds, and will also help clear up congestion. There’s something about chicken soup that just feels good. Keep your little one hydrated as well. Ginger ale is great for upset tummies, but for the common cold, plain water is best.

There are a variety of homemade remedies, so do some research and find what works best for you. Make sure your family washes their hands frequently to prevent spreading germs, and remember that sometimes the best remedy for the common cold is as simple as a rocking chair, a favorite blanket, and your warm embrace.


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