Halloween Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again; pumpkins grace the fields in plump orange globes, trees put on their most beautiful show of colors before the snow flies, and little goblins and ghouls parade your neighborhood in the hopes of filling treat bags! Besides ensuring that your kiddos have had a good dinner, and that your treat bowl is overflowing with sweets to delight any visitors, here are some great safety tips to protect your children on one of their favorite nights of the year.

Safety for Costumes

  • Make sure that costumes don’t hinder your child’s vision, cause a tripping hazard, or hinder their ability to breathe. Homemade costumes might be easier to alter before the big night but you’ll want to double check the store bought variety as well and make any necessary changes. Face paint is often preferable to masks.
  • Your child’s ability to see any potential hazards is important, but you’ll also want to ensure that everyone else can see your child as they make their rounds. If the costume is made of dark material it’s easy to find glow stick necklaces, bracelets, or reflective tape to attach to their costume. Making your child easy to see in the dark will help the many parents travelling the roads to keep them safe.
  • With respect to costume “weapons”, ensure that they are made of soft, flexible plastic with no sharp edges or points. They should also be light enough that your child won’t tire of wielding them throughout the night, and short enough that they don’t cause any tripping hazards.

Safety on the Trail of Treats      

  • Walk, don’t run! If you head out with the kiddos, show a good example by following the rules of the road on this night as you would any other. Cross at designated cross walks and obey all traffic signals. Stick to the sidewalks and take the safest, most direct lit route to complete your trick or treating trek. Watch for vehicles that may be backing out of driveways.
  • Children who are old enough to head out without parents should travel in at least pairs and preferably in small groups. Map out a plan of attack with older children to follow, and give them a reasonable curfew.
  • Keep electronic devices at home. The fewer distractions your child has while out walking at night, the better, especially considering the likely increase in traffic and other pedestrians.
  • Check Halloween candy for expired or suspicious looking goods, and for kids that might otherwise dive in head first without restraint, regulate their consumption to avoid late night sickness or upset bellies over the next few weeks.
  • While out with your goblin, it pays to expect the unexpected. For on the spot care after a trip or fall, the Stay Well First Aid Kit by KidzStuff has everything you need! Packed with 49 pieces, including sting relief pads, bandages and antibiotic cream, the Stay Well First Aid Kit easily fits into your purse for convenient care on the go.


Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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