How does the TempEze Romper work?

After years of observation from the Emergency Department, the KidzStuff team came to realize that many babies were coming into the ER for fevers when really they were just overheating. We didn’t want parents to have to feel that uncertainty and fear for their child when they didn’t have too because, for a parent, there is nothing scarier than your baby getting sick.


When your child suffers, you suffer, so here at KidzStuff we worked to put together a product that we believe will help calm your mind. We call it the TempEze™ Romper.


The TempEze™ Romper is a onesie made for newborns and children up to two years old. It features an innovative (and cute) elephant design out of specially formulated ink to absorb heat. When your child is wearing the onesie and feels uncomfortably hot, whether that be from fever or too many layers of clothing, the pink or blue elephant design made from this ink will disappear from the romper. This disappearing elephant will then let you know that you may want to check your child’s temperature.


Sounds pretty awesome, right? We’ll we’ve got some more tips and tricks to share with you.


To help our customers understand and use the TempEze™ Romper to the fullest, we have here three of the most frequently asked questions to help you utilize this innovative product to the fullest.


TempEze™ Romper FAQ:


  1. Does the sun affect the TempEze™ Romper?


Yes! To truly understand whether or not your child is feeling hot while wearing the TempEze Romper, it should only be used while indoors. The heat-sensing ink will become confused by the sun and disappear, so it isn’t an accurate representation of your child’s temperature when outside.


  1. When the elephant disappears, does it mean my baby has a fever?


Not necessarily. It could just mean that your baby is too bundled up and may be overheating. Use the TempEze™ Romper as a guide to when your child may be uncomfortable, so you know when you need to take their temperature.


  1. Is the TempEze™ Romper machine washable?


Yes, the TempEze Romper is machine washable and will not wear out with repeated washings.


Now that you know a little bit more about one of our favorite products, give it a try! We’re here if you have any additional questions.



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