Insect Repellent Clothing for your Kids

Mosquitoes, ticks, and other bloodthirsty critters dominate the summer as they send us running indoors, or force us to douse ourselves in repellent. During summer season, there is little we can do to avoid the nauseating chemicals needed to shield us away from those pesky biters.

If we, as adults, are not too thrilled about repellent, can we blame the little ones for crying after we ambush them with these strong, irritating chemicals?

Although the scent of chemical sprays seem to last forever, their protection does not. The protection insect repellent sprays provide can fade away in as quickly as two hours! However, experts do not recommend re-applying these sprays, as prolonged exposure to the ingredients in them could impose danger on your child.

Not to mention, these sprays are not even approved for newborns (0-2 months), so what are we left to do to ensure their safety?

KidzStuff® has two products for those who want to effectively ward off insects: the Insect Shield® Romper and the Insect Shield® Blanket. These brand new products offer an alternative to the hazardous chemical sprays and invite you and your little one to love summer again.

Insect Shield® helps your child battle bugs by binding the repellent ingredients into the outer fabric of the product. Plus, these products radiate no strong odor; they smell just like your regular clothes. Most importantly, the ingredients stay on your clothes- never on your baby’s skin!

The Insect Shield Romper and the Insect Shield Blanket are the ultimate outdoor products. Because these products have the repellent built-in, enjoying the outdoors is a one-step process. No wiping, re-applying, or netting is required, just get your baby dressed!

Although they offer complete coverage, have no fear; the Insect Shield Romper and the Insect Shield Blanket are made with extremely breathable material.

The designs of these products further enforce protection by minimizing exposed skin, proven to repel mosquitoes such as the Aedes Aegypti that can carry the Zika virus. Even the colors of the products are practical as the mint green and light yellow tones help avoid contact with bugs.

By August 2016, there had been 14 reported cases of Zika in South Florida. The outbreak caused such severe damage in less than two months! Zika is not the only insect-borne disease that plague South Florida and other parts of the country.

Don’t just protect your little one’s skin; protect them from a disease that’s a bite away!

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