Must-Have Items for Your Baby Registry

Expecting your first (or second, or third) child is an exciting time, and when it comes to the baby shower, there can be a whirlwind of questions fired your way. Family and friends naturally want to help out, and one of the best ways to let them know what you need is through a baby registry. Cute clothing and baby’s first toys are wonderful to have, but giving direction on what you really need can help your family and friends in the gift giving process. After all, they want to give you what you need most, right?

Each baby registry will differ according to the individual, but we’ve outlined some must-have baby essentials to make the first year of baby’s life a little smoother. Here goes!

Car Seat

Safety first! A car seat is one of the very first items you’ll use with your new little one, and it’s important that it meets all of the required safety standards. Test several out and choose one that cradles baby properly.

Diaper Bag + KidzStuff® Kidz-Safe™ First Aid Kit

A diaper bag packed with goodies is a fabulous and practical gift. There are some beautiful bag options on the market, and when filled with receiving blankets, diapers, and the KidzStuff® Kidz-Safe™ First Aid Kit, you’ll be well prepared. This 94-piece first aid kit is perfect to store at home or take on the go!


Getting back into the swing of things with your baby can be a lot easier if you’ve got a stroller parked by the door. Fussy babies often calm down when taken for a walk, which may give a new mom a mental break along with some exercise and fresh air. With so many options out there, you’ll be set whether your walks take you along paved paths or along off-road forest trails.

KidzStuff® Kidz-Safe™ Nail Trimmer

Your baby’s nails will grow quickly and you don’t want to leave them too long. Don’t be nervous about cutting their nails if you use the KidzStuff® Kidz-Safe™ Nail Trimmer. This tool is designed to work on both hands and feet and the precision-designed trimming blade slides unlike a traditional nail clipper. You won’t risk cutting the nail too close and hurting your baby’s precious little fingers.

Baby Furniture

These can be big ticket items, but when family and friends know what you’re looking for, then group gifts become a lot easier to plan. You may be looking to keep your baby’s room simple, but a dresser, a crib and a rocking chair are basics that every nursery should incorporate.

Some of the other things you might want to think about registering for include a baby monitor (the video and sound monitors are wonderful and often can be linked to your smart phone), a breast pump (with bottles, milk bags and a drying rack), nursing pillow, crib sheets or bedding sets, a bouncy seat, bath chair and a baby wrap or sling to keep your little one close and leave you hands free.

Did you know? KidzStuff® products are now available on Etsy! Also, you can easily add KidzStuff® products to your registry if you create your registry through Babylist! The registry process is simple and within minutes you’ll have access to all of your favorite KidzStuff® items. We here at KidzStuff® hope this list of must-have items will help you for when creating your baby registry!

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