The All New Super Powers 3X™ Toothbrush!

Wake up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, and then rush out for school/work. It has become routine to breeze past these steps, especially brushing teeth, in order to get to your destination quickly. However, if teeth don’t get the care they need, serious consequences will follow.

Bad brushing habits originate during childhood. A study conducted proved 75% of kids do not brush on a regular basis. If cleaning teeth is just a matter of moving a brush from side to side, why are 3 out of 4 children not doing it?

Why Don’t They Like to Brush?

  1. It’s Boring- Simply put, if something is not engaging, a child will not do it. Three minutes of boring brushing can seem like a lifetime to a child who is yearning to go play or go to sleep.
  2. Too Much Effort- Although they might not be business men/women, kids do have full schedules. From school, to soccer practice, to band practice, then home to do homework, children are drained by the time it comes to get ready for bed.
  3. No Short Term Result- Because brushing their teeth is such a mundane experience, there is no reward. Usually, the satisfaction of brushing one’s teeth comes from the clean, fresh feeling that follows afterward. Zooming through a cleaning does not provide the sensation of a job well done, so kids would rather not waste their time.
  4. Difficulty- As a kid, you must prove that you are strong and can independently conquer any “grown-up” duty. But, as a child, it can be difficult to get the toothbrush into all the nooks and crannies between teeth. However, calling mommy to help shows weakness.

Their intentions are harmless, but the effects of not brushing aren’t. Bad breath is not the only side effect of not brushing your teeth; skipping cleanings can cause teeth to decay and even gingivitis.

Without brushing, plaque, a film with billions of bacteria, builds up over time. Plaque feeds from the food you eat and their acidic waste attacks and destroys the enamel, which can lead to tooth decay and loss. Essentially, “bacteria poop” is strong enough to take down those tiny helpless teeth!

It’s okay, do not rush to pick up your child from school and spend your whole afternoon brushing their teeth. KidzStuff® now has the perfect product to promote and perpetuate good hygiene. With its patent-pending design, the all-new Super Powers 3X™ Toothbrush uses a three-sided head to get a deeper clean in a shorter amount of time. Offered in medium and large, children from ages 4-12 can start improving their oral hygiene. All problems have been solved!

Super Powers 3X™ Toothbrush - Medium

How does the Super Powers 3X Toothbrush Help?

  1. Not Boring- Its unique design intrigues kids. A new design= a new adventure!
  2. Less Effort- The Super Powers 3X Toothbrush uses three sides to encompass the entire tooth. This means instead of viciously brushing to cover all sides of the tooth, kids only have to worry about moving the brush in one direction. The use of three sides also significantly cuts down brushing time by 3X, but always try to pace yourself for a two-minute cleaning
  3. Results- Because the brush does most of the work and gets into the hard-to –reach areas, the Super Powers 3X Toothbrush leaves your child’s mouth feeling minty fresh and plaque free. Not to mention, they won’t be able to keep their eyes off their pearly whites
  4. No Need for Mom- As mentioned above, the three sides of the brush are able to scrub off bacteria from even the trickiest of spaces, while being gentle enough to massage and cleanse the gums. Don’t worry mom, you can still watch your kid have a blast fighting “bacteria poop” with the Super Powers 3X Toothbrush.

Quick, easy, and hassle-free, the KidzStuff Super Powers 3X Toothbrush motivates your child to take responsibility for their wellness.

For those of you who reside in South Florida, the Super Powers 3X Toothbrush is also available for sale at select Publix pharmacies.

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