Places and Activities for Mother’s Day

“A Mother is like a Flower. Each one is Beautiful and Unique.”

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Want to make mom feel loved and extra-special on this magical day? KidzStuff® hears you say yes! Here are some places and activities for mom on Mother’s Day.

Growing a Garden with Mom

Grow a garden

If mom loves gardening, then why not do some gardening with her? A cute tip: write a short and sweet message like “Mom Rocks” or “We Love You Mom” in the garden dirt with a stick. Then, drop the flower seeds into the dirt lines, cover them with dirt and water them every couple of days. Soon enough, the message will “bloom” and mom will have a reminder of how much you appreciate her. If there’s a baby in the family, make sure they rock the KidzStuff® Insect Shield® Romper as the family does some gardening. The Insect Shield® Romper protects infants from insects and insect-borne diseases. The protection is built-in and doesn’t get on baby’s skin.

Visit the local botanic garden

If you simply want to admire the beauty of flowers versus growing a garden, take mom to the nearest botanic garden. Enjoy a nature day and take tons of pictures! Then you can make a scrapbook with all the pictures taken and mom will remember this special day very vividly. If your child is small and needs to be taken in a stroller, pack the KidzStuff® Insect Shield® Blanket. Use the blanket as a cover to lie over your baby’s legs while they sit in the stroller. Just like the Insect Shield® Romper, the Insect Shield® Blanket protects your baby from insect-borne diseases. Now that spring is here, insects are more active than ever.

Take a culinary trip in your own backyard

If you could afford a weekend getaway, fantastic! But if a real vacation is not in your budget at the time, why not bring a “culinary trip” to mom in her own backyard? Want to make her feel like she’s in the City of Love, Paris? Pack a lunch consisting of French bread, cheeses, and fruits and decorate the backyard table with a red and white-checkered tablecloth or one that resembles the French flag and play some French music. Mom will absolutely love this! Another idea is to play a game with your kids for them to pick up on some French words. Bien? Oui! (Good? Yes!)

Play tourist in your hometown

It’s absolutely normal to take for granted your own hometown. We get so caught up with the day-to-day activities that at times we forget to take a moment and appreciate all the good things of one’s hometown. Why not take mom to an iconic historical area in town or to a restaurant she’s never been to. Make it an adventure and play tourist. Get lost in your very own city!

Have a beach day

You can never go wrong with a beach day. If your family lives by the beach and mom is a fan of it, then prepare a fun-filled beach day for her and your little ones. Pack some snacks and bottled waters. Since your baby will be exposed to the sun, check out the KidzStuff® Sun Blocker™ Romper. The Sun Blocker™ Romper protects your little one from harmful UV rays and it even comes with a built-in hoodie. It’s important to have fun, but always be safe!

We hope these tips help you decide the best activity and place to treat mom on Mother’s Day. We at KidzStuff® wish every single mother and fathers who have the role of mothers, a truly special Mother’s Day. It is well deserved!

Share your Mother’s Day experiences with us by leaving us a comment below. KidzStuff® would love to read your stories!

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