Long Sleeve Insect Screen Bodysuit

Protect your baby from insects including those that carry insect-borne diseases with KidzStuff insect repellent clothing. The apparel is treated with all-natural Greenfirst® Technology which allows it to repel dust mites, mosquitoes and bed bugs. The protection is built right in and stays on the clothing, not your baby’s delicate skin. The material is breathable and machine washable, and the protection lasts up to 30 washes! So skip the harmful sprays and explore the great outdoors with your little one without worry when your baby is wearing KidzStuff insect repellent clothing.

• Safe, all-natural Greenfirst® Technology
• Repels dust mites, mosquitoes and bed bugs
• Better alternative to spray-on insecticides
• Built-in protection that lasts up to 30 washes
• Protection stays on your baby’s clothes, not their skin
• Odorless
• Machine washable
• Breathable material

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Long Sleeve Insect Screen Bodysuit $9.99

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