Sun Blocker
Sassy Sayings

Built-in UV Protection Chemical Free Cool Material Moisture Dissipating

Sun Blocker™ Infant/Toddler Sassy Sayings

Limited Edition prints.

UPF-rated Sun Blocker™ Hoodie for toddlers. Now your child can have fun in the sun without the sunburn. This lightweight garment is specially designed to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your baby’s gentle skin. Rated Excellent UV Protection, the Sun Blocker™ Hoodie offers a chemical- and lotion-free defense against the sun. Plus, with its long sleeves and attached hoodie, you can confidently keep the sun’s rays at bay all day long! The Sun Blocker™ Hoodie is machine washable.

These limited edition rompers are custom printed, please allow an additional 2-3 days for processing.

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Sun Blocker™ Romper Sassy Sayings Coming Soon

Sunblocker Romper LOL Blue
Sunblocker Romper LOL Pink
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Sun Blocker™ Hoodie Sassy Sayings Coming Soon

Sunblocker Hoodie SUP Green
Sunblocker Hoodie LOL Blue
Sunblocker Hoodie LOL Pink
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