Helpful Tips and Products to Protect Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

A baby’s skin is the most smooth and delicate thing in the world, free from all the marks one accumulates over time. It’s important as a parent to take care of your baby’s sensitive skin. Here at KidzStuff, our mission is to create products that will benefit and protect your baby.

Harmful UV rays, insects roaming around in the area, or conditions like Eczema can truly affect your baby’s skin. Eczema, for instance, is unfortunately a common condition, which shows up as a rash on the skin. It can appear all over the body, but in babies will most times begin on cheeks and scalp.

Eczema is not an allergic reaction, however allergens can most certainly trigger it. The rash can also flare up if skin becomes irritated by chemicals (such as those in detergents, fragrances, and lotions) or aggravated by heat.

Here are some pointers on how to give your baby’s skin the extra protection it truly deserves:

1. Be conscious of fabrics in your child’s clothes.
2. Always test the temperatures of the water before bathing your baby to ensure it is not too warm.
3. Make sure to use soap for sensitive skin and make shampooing the last item on the bathing list so your child isn’t sitting in soapy water.
4. Pat skin dry as opposed to wiping, and then liberally coat with an ointment or cream that helps to seal in skin’s natural moisture.
5. Beware of products with strong chemicals or heavy fragrances.

KidzStuff products offer immense protection for your baby’s skin. KidzStuff’s Sun Blocker Rompers can help protect your child’s sensitive skin from harmful UV rays without the hassle of lotions (which can contain irritants) and still allow them to live life to the fullest! This quick drying material lets skin breathe and is chemical-free.

In addition to the Sun Blocker Rompers (which come in various colors and designs), KidzStuff has a whole line of insect repellent products such as the Insect Shield Romper and the Insect Shield Blanket. The KidzStuff Insect Shield Romper and the Insect Shield Blanket protect your baby from insects that carry insect-borne diseases. The Insect Shield Romper is available in green and in yellow and the insect protection lasts up to 70 washes!

For more information on KidzStuff products, visit our shop! Here’s to protecting your baby’s beautiful skin!

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