Spring Break on a Budget

Sometimes the best mini-vacations are spent close to home; so don’t feel as if you’ve got to plan an extensive road trip with a packed itinerary to have a Spring Break that the family will fondly remember. There are numerous activities and projects that you can do right from the comfort of your own home, backyard and community that won’t mean any extra work of packing and won’t break the bank. If you’re attempting to plan a fun filled Spring Break for your family while on a budget, we’ve got some great suggestions for you.

First, take some time to choose a few playgrounds in your neighborhood and test them out. Grab a picnic cloth and some homemade sandwiches and enjoy a lunch picnic once a day at a park you and your family have never been to. Rate the parks once you’re home and perhaps you’ll have a new favorite park! Don’t forget to protect your little one by dressing them with a KidzStuff Insect Shield Romper. Keep little flies and mosquitoes away from your little one. This is truly a better alternative to spray-on insecticides.

Spring Break is also a wonderful opportunity to explore your neighborhood and finally visit the museum you’ve never stepped foot into. Or you can even drive to nearby towns and cities to see what attractions they offer. Visit an art museum, a science museum or a nature trail for a change of scenery. If your little one will be exposed to the sun for a long period of time, we recommend the KidzStuff Sun Blocker Romper. This one-piece lightweight garment with a built-in hoodie protects your baby from harmful UV rays.

Another suggestion is to host a campout in your own backyard or even in your house by pitching a tent in the living room. No tent? No problem. Let the kids use pillows, furniture and blankets to make a fort. Call it the annual Blanket Fort Day! During the day, it can make an awesome secret space to play, and at night, the perfect spot for spooky stories and s’mores. A friendly reminder: protect your little one from night crawlers with the KidzStuff Insect Shield Blanket.

No matter which activities you opt for during your Spring Break, remember that exposed skin is prone to sunburn and those biting insects are hatching and waking from winter hibernation. The KidzStuff Sun Blocker Romper, Insect Shield Romper and Insect Shield Blanket are the perfect accessories for outdoor adventures! Lightweight and breathable, our hooded onesies and blanket offer all day protection without the use of lotions or sprays. Enjoy Spring Break with your family, even if it’s on a budget!


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