Stay Well First Aid Kit: Perfect for On-the-Go

Whether you’re headed out for the grocery store or a cross-country road trip, the one must-pack item should be a first aid kit. First aid on the go is essential for all parents, especially those who have kids with special medical needs.

The problem with taking first aid on the go is that the pre-packaged kits are bulky and over-stocked because they are meant for home, like the Kidz-SafeFirst Aid Kit with 94 pieces.

Luckily, KidzStuff® is now introducing the perfect Mini First Aid Kit, crafted by a pediatrician.   With 49 pieces, the Stay WellFirst Aid Kit has everything you need to quickly patch up your little one’s boo-boo. Its durable design is what makes this kit stand out from others.

As mentioned above, most kits are boxy and not designed for portability. The KidzStuff Stay Well First Aid Kit’s design has your most urgent needs in mind. Smaller than a makeup bag, the kit is perfect to keep in your diaper bag, purse, and glove compartment of your car. Pro tip: It is recommended by professionals to keep kits in very frequently occupied area, so putting one in your kid’s backpack is also a good idea. Its bright teal color stands out, to easily locate the kit. The inside of the Stay Well First Aid Kit is just as lovable as the exterior. Once zipped open, the bag reveals two compartments that divide the supplies. Expandable netting holds the items. This netting makes every item visible, and its elasticity helps you shuffle through the kit without dropping any of the content.

Each of the 49 contents has its own distinct packaging, so no two supplies are confused in times of an emergency. A guide containing steps on how to treat common mishaps is also included. The Stay Well First Aid Kit includes a thermometer strip, gloves, scissors and antibiotic cream among others.

Although it is a smaller, more compact version of conventional kits, the Stay Well First Aid Kit has enough room for personal add-ons such as an EpiPen®. The previously mentioned netting expands to accommodate any extra item you feel you might need during an emergency.

Once the supplies run out, just refill with items from your at-home kit like the Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit. The Stay Well First Aid Kit makes the perfect grab-and-go item for every concerned mommy out there!

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