Summer Checklist for Newborn Babies

Summer is a time when we shake off the winter blahs and excitedly head to the beach for some long awaited relaxation. It’s also a time when new moms should take stock and make sure that they’ve got the bases covered so that they’re ready to take advantage of the sunshine while keeping their baby protected. If you’re expecting a new arrival this season, we’ve got your list of must-haves!


Just as it makes sense to dress in layers for adults, the same holds true for a baby. Since pediatricians recommend waiting for at least 6 months before using sun block on your little one, clothes made of cotton will help baby stay cool and protect their skin from burns.

  • Sun Hat
    • A sun hat can shade their face, ears and neck will make outside play far more comfortable.
  • Sunglasses
    • These are a convenient way to protect a baby’s eyes from harmful glare. Look for hats and sunglasses that offer soft, elasticized straps.
  • KidzStuff Sun Blocker Romper®
    • When it comes to swimming, the KidzStuff® Sun Protective Clothes is a wonderful way to replace chemical-laden sunscreen and keep your baby happy both in and out of the water. Long sleeves, a hoodie, and built in (chemical free!) UV protection, this romper gives your little one the safeguard they need while allowing for free movement. KidzStuff® now offers the Sun Blocker Hoodie for toddlers!
  • Insect Shield Romper®
    • In the event that those nasty biting insects are your bigger concern, the Insect Shield Romper will be right up your alley. With built in protection for up to 70 washes, this lightweight romper will keep mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks and flies (along with the viruses they can carry) at bay.

The Gear

  • Insect Shield Blanket ®
    • Another great barrier to those pesky insects is the KidzStuff Insect Shield Blanket®. This soft, cotton weave blanket can be used as a soft spot to lay your baby down at the park or at the beach, or as a cover while you’re out for a stroll with your little one.
  • Stroller
    • Speaking of which, summer is a great time to get outside for a daily walk; you won’t need the most expensive piece of equipment on the market, but invest in a stroller that will do what you want it to. If you’re spending your time on paved paths, your stroller may differ a great deal from the off-road mom.
  • Baby Car Seat
    • We’re assuming that you’ve invested in a great car seat, but you’ll probably be surprised at how much easier a car seat cover will make your life. Nobody wants to disturb a slumbering little bundle, so a car seat cover suitable for providing summer shade will be a godsend.
  • Cooler Bag
    • A cooler bag that does double duty as a diaper bag will be an easy answer for packing all that you’ll need for your summer outings, especially when it comes equipped with separate zippered compartments. Keep bottles cool (water for you, milk or formula for baby), snacks fresh, and tuck in all of your other regular essentials like diapers, anti-rash cream, and beach blanket!

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