Summer Safety Tips

Summer is a time to shed that heavy winter gear, hit those water parks or beaches, and soak up some long overdue sunshine with your family. To make your summer one to remember, it helps to avoid any potential pit falls that summer can also bring. Sunburn is no fun for anyone, bug bites drive us crazy, and water safety should be at the top of our summer lists. Here are some great summer safety tips so that your family enjoys this season to the fullest:

Sun Safety

It only stands to reason that you’ll want to feel the sun’s rays on your skin, but it does pay to provide your skin with some protection before you overdo it. Wearing sunscreen or protective clothing is key, along with finding a shady spot and staying out of direct sunlight during the highest risk hours; between noon and dinnertime. Cotton or linen clothing will keep you cool even when wearing pants or long sleeves, always pack a hat with a brim, sunglasses and your beach umbrella for convenient, portable shade. For your little ones, the KidzStuff® Sun Blocker collection is the perfect answer to safe and burn-free fun in the sun; check out the variety of super cute prints. Each piece in this collection has built in chemical-free sun protection with a hoodie in a great assortment of summery colors to choose from.

For a day at the beach or park, it also helps to pack some snacks and lots of water. Make sure your family is drinking enough, as it’s easy to dehydrate in summer heat. Snacks packed in a cooler bag will ensure that everything stays fresh and ready for hungry bellies.

Water Safety

Whether it’s a pool, the lake or even the ocean, water safety is a big issue. Accidents can happen in a heartbeat, and prevention is fairly simple. Swimming lessons are a great idea for the whole family, but even if your kids are like little fish in the water, they should never be left unattended. Water flotation devices can flip over and trap kids underneath them, and slips and falls do happen, especially around slippery pool decks. It’s best to have everything you’ll need with you, and if you have to leave the water for a minute, take your children with you or have another capable adult keep an open eye.

Keeping Pests at Bay

No, we’re not talking about the neighbors kids. Take preventative measures to avoid biting insects and keep scratching at a minimum this season. You’ve probably noticed that pests are more noticeable at night; bug spray and incense burners can be your best friends in the evenings. Protective clothing is also a great barrier to mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks and all of the other nuisance bugs. Long sleeves, pants and close-toed footwear are your best bets, and for your little ones, the KidzStuff Insect Shield® Romper can’t be beat! With its built in repellent, you can be sure your baby is safe from biting insects and insect-borne diseases. The KidzStuff Insect Shield® Blanket is also built to protect your child as it’s been tested and proven to repel mosquitoes such as Aedes Aegypti, that carry the Zika virus. The Insect Shield Blanket is a better alternative to spray-on insecticides as the protection stays on the fabric, not on your skin.

With a few precautions, you and your family will be sure to enjoy the season to the fullest and have the best summer yet!

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