Tips for a Safe Spring Break for Your Kids

Spring break is just around the corner and you may be planning a week of family fun and escape. This is a great time to celebrate the upcoming sunny season and to plan ahead so that your time is filled with great memories. Here are some tips to ensure that your break is full of laughter and happy family moments.

Spring is our first indication that summer is on its way and winter has finally receded! It can be tempting to get out and absorb as much of that light as possible, especially if you’ve taken the family to an area where the beach is the biggest draw each day. A baby’s delicate skin can’t handle as much sun as mom or dad can, so it pays to protect it as much as possible. There are sunscreens on the market, which are safe to use but involve a lot of messy lotion or spray. One perfect option is the KidzStuff Sun Blocker Romper, a long sleeved UV protected onesie with a built-in hoodie that allows your baby full movement and eliminates the need for chemicals and fragrances, which can irritate your child’s skin. The combination of a shade umbrella and the Sun Blocker Romper can ensure your little one has a great day by the water, while being protected from harmful UV rays!

It stands to reason that, with nature waking up to spring’s warmer temperatures, the insect population also comes to life. A day at the park can end in disaster if your child reacts to bites from a variety of little pests. You probably have insecticide, but is that the best option for the younger members of the family? The KidzStuff light, breathable long sleeved Insect Shield Romper can protect your child’s skin from insects (including those that carry insect-borne diseases) with a built-in repellent that stays in the fabric and repels mosquitoes, midges, chiggers, ticks and even flies! For the tiniest family members, double up protection with our Insect Shield Blanket; it’s a super soft blanket made of breathable material for your baby to rest and play.

If you’re planning a road trip, spring break can be the perfect time for a family getaway to see exciting sights. You’ve got your suitcases packed, tent supplies, snacks and games, and you’re all ready to go! Oops! One more thing – KidzStuff’s Kidz-Safe First Aid kit. This kit is a pediatrician-designed kit with all of the medical supplies you might find handy when you’re far from the medicine cabinet. The kit fits easily into your glove compartment and can come to the rescue when the inevitable happens. With 94 different pieces, there’s not much that Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad won’t be able to handle!

Let KidzStuff help make your spring break go safely and off without a hitch! Now…where’s that road map?

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